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This is another community for Nippon Ichi fandom, with an emphasis on La Pucelle Tactics and especially all NIS fanworks. News, art, stories, friendly discussion and debate on your favorites, beta reading, artistic critique, and link exchanges are all greatly encouraged here. There are only a few rules, but they will be strictly enforced.

The Golden Rule, first and foremost. It's golden for a reason. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This includes respecting other members and their opinions, even if you may not agree with them. Post otherwise, and you are warned your first and last time.

The rating here is R, at strongest. Just like the humor in the games. ;)

Spoilers are to be LJ-cut and clearly labelled.

Artwork is to be LJ-cut as well, and please, only post links to fics, unless you have nowhere else to host them. In that odd event, please LJ-cut with the same spoiler rules applying.


- Looking for your favorite game music? Look no further.

Fanfiction.Net - The place for your favorite game stories. ;)

- The artist of La Pucelle. You don't need to know Japanese to know it's gorgeous art. Thanks to lapucelle for the discovery! ♥

Lost Fantasy Gallery - Every Disgaea image you can imagine, at a resolution that makes you squee.

- The homepage for the artist of Disgaea and Phantom/Makai Kingdom. Thanks to strawberry_cake for this link! ♥

- You are here! Link to us?

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